Manage Growth and Protect Goleta’s Small Town Feel

The pace of growth in recent years is harming the small town feel and agricultural heritage that makes our community so special. Preserving what remains of our urban agriculture and historical resources is critical to keeping Goleta “the Goodland” for future generations. As Executive Director of the Goleta Valley Historical Society I was responsible for preserving and protecting Historic Rancho La Patera and Stow House. Working closely with community leaders like former Mayor Margaret Connell has instilled in me a strong belief in following our Goleta General Plan, preserving coastal & mountain views & maintaining a rate of development that is balanced and sustainable, without exceeding our ability to deal with impacts to water resources, traffic circulation and public health & safety.

Protect Key Resources and oppose new Offshore Oil Drilling

Our natural environment is one of Goleta’s greatest assets, and a key contributor to our local economy. We must stand up and oppose any new offshore oil drilling off our coast. Poorly planned retail development is leading to greater traffic congestion, increasingly longer commutes, air pollution, and too much time away from our families and friends. Future development should be built along traffic corridors, provide a diversity of housing opportunities for our diverse community, and be affordable for those of us who live and work in Goleta.

More accessible, affordable & quality child care & recreation opportunities for children youth

The need for affordable, accessible and quality child care is something that impacts families throughout Goleta, and the South County. For many families child care is their second largest expense after the cost of housing. The need for child care they can afford leads many Goleta families to make difficult choices between higher costs and longer commutes. The City of Goleta can be a leader in convening area employers to develop solutions such as a dedicated, licensed child care center. We can and must do more to lead on this issue. Nothing is more important to our future than our children.

Greater Regional Cooperation for a Healthier Goleta

Everything Goleta needs to be successful is within our grasp. We are minutes away from a world class university and its high tech spinoffs, fantastic resorts where visitors can enjoy our Mediterranean climate, travel from a convenient airport, and sandy beaches with scenic views of the mountains and the Channel Islands. Unfortunately too often we find ourselves at odds with our neighbors. I will be a voice for a collaborative relationship with UCSB, the City of Santa Barbara and the County. I will also be a strong advocate for standing up for our Goleta values when necessary to protect our quality of life.

Preserve and Protect Public Health and Safety

Public Health and Safety are essential to a vibrant, functioning community. Our firefighters, sheriff deputies, flood control workers and other first responders must always have the tools and resources to keep them safe, so they can keep us safe. As we have learned from recent disasters, another critical component of public safety is having healthy creeks and watersheds to help prevent major events like wildfires, floods and mudslides. Future development in Goleta must be slow, and carefully managed to ensure that we maintain adequate water resources and sufficient traffic circulation to be able to respond quickly and effectively when disaster strikes.

More Accessible, Responsive and Transparent Governance

Goleta needs new energy and commitment to maintaining an open and transparent relationship with residents. Goleta needs to invest more in its communication infrastructure and staffing to ensure that all members of our community have access to important and potentially lifesaving information about what is happening in our community, when it is happening. Spanish language interpretation should be available at City Council meetings and emergency communications should be accessible to all residents, not just English speakers.