James Kyriaco

On The Issues

James is the only candidate that is getting results to solve our housing challenges. Goleta has added over 1300 housing units in recent years, more than any other South Coast city. As your city councilmember James has:
  • Converted retail property to 27 brand new studio and one bedroom apartments, that included badly needed affordable housing for local workers.
  • Rezoned property to add a new Senior Care facility in Goleta, freeing up single family homes and condos by providing better housing options for local seniors.
  • Voted to convert a hotel into 59 new studio apartments that will provide permanent supportive housing for veterans, seniors, and domestic violence survivors who have previously been homeless, or are at risk of becoming homeless.
  • Passed a requirement that for new development, 20% of all housing units have to be priced affordably so that local community members can afford to stay here locally rather than commuting from far away.
  • Voted for future housing policies that will encourage mixed use and adaptive re-use strategies to help us meet our future housing goals.
Since getting elected James has worked hard to improve the business climate and attract new businesses to Goleta. That is why business owners throughout the district support James for re-election.
  • Old Town Goleta is thriving with very few vacant storefronts.
  • New businesses like Oat Bakery and Kate Farms are coming into the 2nd District, adding jobs as well as new dining experiences here in Goleta.
  • As of June 2022 Goleta’s unemployment rate 0f 2.1% is four times lower than the state average.
  • In Goleta we are achieving results on homelessness; between 2020 and 2022 the number of people identified as experiencing homelessness in Goleta fell from 166 to just 91.
James is working to make Goleta safer and healthier, which is why he is the only candidate endorsed by our firefighters, deputy sheriffs and incoming District Attorney John Savnroch.
  • On the City Council James worked hard to effectively navigate the pandemic, keeping Goleta safe and healthy.
  • Violent Crime and Property Crime are significantly down. As of August 2022 crimes like assault, rape, burglary and vehicle theft are all down compared to previous years.
  • Goleta is making streets safer, and have increased our roads, sidewalks and streetlights investments while also adding accessibility improvements throughout the 2nd District and all of Goleta.
  • Climate change means more drought and fuels that can lead to dangerous wildfires. James is advocating for policies that reduce Goleta’s impact on climate, keeping us all safer.
James saw the coming childcare crisis years before it happened, which is why he took actions to address the issue here in Goleta:
  • James voted to fund the training of new teachers who wanted to open child care businesses. Goleta has added four new family childcare centers, serving over 30 children at a time when other cities are losing teachers and child care businesses. 
  • James led efforts to waive expensive fees and eliminate burdensome processes and red-tape for businesses that are willing to include child care in residential and commercial developments.
  • James worked to change our zoning so that childcare is now allowed in more places where people live, work and play here in Goleta. This will reduce car trips and increase convenience over time while giving parents more options.
  • A new child care center is now being proposed in Goleta at a site that was previously intended to be a gas station. This is just another example of the positive changes being made here in Goleta!
  • James voted to opposed the dangerous ExxonMobil plan to truck oil along our local streets and freeway, which would have threatened our environment as well as public safety.
  • James supported new zoning requirements that protect our creeks and streams from negative impacts of development.
  • On the city council James voted for a new Creek & Watershed Management plan that will protect our beaches from closures, and promote health beaches, creeks and streams for all of us to enjoy. This is good not just for our quality of life, but also our economy which is so dependent on the Goodland’s natural beauty!
  • James voted to reduce Goleta’s dependence on fossil fuels, by joining Central Coast Community Energy which relies on renewable sources of energy to power our homes and businesses, and also by requiring the city to use clean energy like solar going forward.
Old Town Goleta is receiving millions of dollars in needed investments to support Old Town residents, businesses and visitors. James is the only candidate who lives in Old Town, and has a plan that will build on what makes this neighborhood special with needed improvements without gentrification that will raise rents and push working class families out.
  • Completed Jonny D. Wallis Park and working to add a new splash pad and community garden in the neighborhood.
  • Voted for $4.25 million in new sidewalks in Old Town, as well as adding needed parking on Magnolia.
  • Added 35 new parking spaces on Carson Street, near Hollister Avenue businesses.
  • The new San Jose Creek Bikepath will connect Old Town to Goleta Beach and areas north of the 101 freeway.
  • Voted for a capital project that will add new bike lanes and over 20 new parking spaces on Hollister Avenue in Old Town, while calming traffic to reduce accidents and increase safety.
  • Added new LED streetlights.
  • Added new pickleball courts and a sports field behind the Goleta Community Center.
  • Worked with Congressmember Carbajal to secure $3 million in federal funds to make the Community Center seismically safe in the event of a disaster.
  • Added new public art projects in Old Town, and has plans for even more public art to beautify our community spaces.