Goleta Public Engagement Commissioner Announces Candidacy for Goleta City Council

Pledges to Unify Community Around Vision for Carefully Managed Growth, Environmental Protection, & More Resources for Children and Families


Goleta, California – – James Kyriaco, a member of Goleta’s Public Engagement Commission, former Executive Director of the Goleta Valley Historical Society, and longtime community volunteer declared his candidacy for Goleta City Council today.

“I’m running to keep Goleta the Goodland for all of us.” Kyriaco said. He continued, “I want to apply my many years of experience as a nonprofit director, community volunteer and political consultant to carefully manage future growth. I’m committed to unifying Goleta residents around a vision for a shining, sustainable city that provides for the needs of residents.”

Kyriaco laid out his 3 main priorities:

  • “I’m committed to carefully managed growth,” said Kyriaco. Observing that the pace of recent Goleta growth has eroded Goleta’s special small town feel, he continued, “Future housing development should be affordable, compatible with neighborhoods, designed & marketed for those of us who live here, and sustainable without threatening our water resources, roads and other public services.”
  • “As the gateway to the Gaviota Coast, Goleta is especially vulnerable, ecologically and economically, to the impacts of oil drilling and climate change. The recent fires and debris flows are stark reminders of the fragility of our natural environment and its relationship with our local economy and public safety. I will insist on sustainable policies that reduce our carbon footprint and conserve water.”
  • “The cost of quality child care is putting a strain on too many Goleta families. We can partner with local employers and create innovative solutions to increase access and reduce out-of-pocket costs. I will also seek opportunities for more parks, open space, playgrounds and library services for our local children and youth – Goleta’s greatest assets.”


Kyriaco also announced a strong list of endorsements from community leaders and organizations, including Goleta’s founding mayor Margaret Connell, and current Goleta Mayor Paula Perotte, Goleta Councilmembers Kyle Richards & Stuart Kasdin, the Santa Barbara County Democratic Party, State Assemblymember Monique Limón, County Supervisors Joan Hartmann & Janet Wolf, Goleta School Board Members Luz Reyes-Martin & Susan Epstein, Goleta Water Board members Lauren Hanson & Bill Rosen, Santa Barbara Mayor Cathy Murillo, and City Councilmembers Eric Friedman and Gregg Hart.


Kyriaco is a lifelong resident of Santa Barbara and Goleta with a long history of community service, including his current service on Goleta’s Public Engagement Commission. He also served as a member of the County Historic Landmarks Advisory Committee, past Board President of the Santa Barbara Family Care Center, board member of Citizens Planning Association of Santa Barbara County and the Community Action Commission.


He is also known for managing the electoral campaigns of former Goleta Mayor Margaret Connell, Goleta City Council Member Kyle Richards, 2nd District County Supervisor Janet Wolf, and former Santa Barbara Unified School Board Member (now Assemblymember) Monique Limón


For the past two years Kyriaco has worked as an Executive Assistant with the Santa Barbara County Human Resources Department. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Antioch University of Santa Barbara, and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from California State University, Northridge.





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