Kyriaco Supports Old Town Goleta Improvements


The city of Goleta plans to install sidewalks on several streets in Old Town as part of a dramatic transformation of the city’s oldest residential area.

Many of the streets in Old Town, the neighborhoods between Fairview and Kellogg avenues, have no sidewalks, a situation that Goleta officials say poses a safety hazard.

The lack of sidewalks means pedestrians must walk into the roadway to get anywhere because cars are parked on the streets, against bushes and up against front yard properties.

Goleta resident James Kyriaco said he is cautiously optimistic about Goleta’s plan to install more sidewalks in Old Town.

“It is a fundamental thing for a city to have walkability,” Kyriaco said.

He noted that in order to get to Nectarine Park in Old Town, one must traverse into the street. The sidewalks are necessary for the public good, he said.

“We’re losing some threes, but it’s necessary,” Kyriaco said. “We’re losing some encroachments, but it’s necessary.”